Kaappaan’ To Begin Journey With Around 10-15 crore - Movie Reviews

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In theaters: 20 September 2019
Cast: Mohanlal, Suriya, Arya 
Director: K.V. Anand
Genre: Action, Thriller 
Producers: K.V. Anand
Production companies: Lyca Productions

Fans had been super-excited about Suriya and Mohanlal teaming up for Kaappaan and the trailers also promised a camaraderie that you would look forward to. The film started off really well with a scene where Suriya, who plays the role of Kathir, plants bombs in a moving train. Director KV Anand portrays Kathir as an antagonist in the beginning which later transitions to him being the hero. Kathir is a Military Intelligence Officer who gets appointed by the Prime Minister of India, Chandrakant Varma (played by Mohanlal), as his Head of Security. Now the film juggles between agriculture and terrorism every now and then but doesn’t do a great job with it.

Arya plays the role of Chandrakant’s son, Abhishek, who is a brat but is forced to become the next Prime Minister after his father is assassinated. Sayyeshaa plays the Assistant Press Secretary and Suriya’s love interest in the film. Boman Irani and Chirag Jani play the antagonists in the film. While Boman’s character is quite predictable, Chirag’s character manages to give you a pleasant surprise and keep the intrigue alive in the movie. The makers have only focused on developing the main character instead of doing justice to all the central characters, in terms of writing.

Kaappaan has some very well-choreographed action sequences but it fails to make sense in a lot of scenes. There is also no consistency in the plot and a lot of good actors are wasted in the film. Suriya and Sayyeshaa’s love story that was forcefully added in the film was not convincing, neither did it add a lot to the plot. The makers have tried to merge the struggles of a farmer and terrorism somehow in the plot and it just does not add up.Kathir (Suriya) is a part of the Special protection group of the Indian Prime minister Chandrakant Varma (Mohanlal), and along with Joseph (Samuthirakani) and Prem, protects the PM from deadly situations. However a corporate conspiracy leads to unfortunate events, and the blame falls on Kathir, who now has to prove himself sincere and find the real evil, protect Abhishek Varma (Arya) from the threats, expose the corporate Kingpin Mahadev (Boman Irani) and protect farmers. How Kathir succeeds is what Kaappaan is all about.

Suriya looks stunning as the SPG official, and his fit physique makes the action sequences believable. He displays his emoting skills whenever required as well. Mohanlal is majestic as the prime minister, and delivers an impressive performance in a short yet effective role. Arya as the typical happy go lucky guy guarantees some laughs in the otherwise action packed screenplay, while Sayyeshaa doesn't get much to do except romancing Suriya and being present in several important sequences. Samuthirakani is adequate and his scenes with Suriya are good, while the rest of the cast including Prem, Nagineedu are cast in usual roles. Boman Irani struggles with his lip sync, and his expressions are monotonous, while Chirag Jani joins the list of yet another Hindi import villain from KV Anand stable who fails to leave an impression.

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