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In theaters: 25 October 2019
Cast: Nayanthara, Joseph Vijay, Jackie Shroff
Director: Atlee Kumar
Genre: Action, Drama, Sport
Producers: Atlee Kumar
Production companies: AGS Entertainment

Vijay-starrer Bigil is a games show with Tamil Nadu ladies' football crew at the front line. Any games show closes with the triumph of the group or an individual. It is the situation with Bigil also. As the ladies' football crew, hailing from oppressed foundations, secure triumph, the end credits roll and we see the words 'Committed to ladies.' However by one way or another, the film is never about the ladies. It is constantly about its star, Vijay, and how he gets everyone's attention regardless of whether it's not his scene to sparkle. For a film that is touted as a tribute to ladies, Bigil doesn't get a great deal of things right. Rayappan (Vijay) is a wear, yet a decent one in North Madras. He picks the life of brutality to secure the privileges of his kin. His child Michael Rayappan otherwise known as Bigil is a state-level footballer. Be that as it may, because of conditions, he turns into the savior of individuals in North Madras, abandoning his vocation. 

In the interim, Michael's companion (Kathir) is appallingly harmed, which powers him to assume control over his situation as the mentor of the Tamil Nadu ladies' football crew. The remainder of the film pursues Michael's adventure to winning the hearts of the ladies' football crew and how he 'guides' them to magnificence. Chief Atlee consistently knows the specialty of playing to the exhibition. Practically the majority of his movies are astutely bundled. So well, that there are components to fulfill individuals of all age gatherings. Bigil has a place with a similar kind. You get an anticipated story, yet Atlee, true to form, includes mass components, passionate scenes and kickass trick successions to keep you engaged in his item. With Bigil, the significant setback is the story and its protracted runtime (2 hours and 58 minutes). Indeed, even with three hours to itself, the film doesn't dig profound into the lives of the characters, which makes it hard to understand them. A large portion of the things are 'told' on screen and they're never appeared. Maybe, Atlee and a few different executives overlook this is a visual medium and that a few things are ideally left implied. 
The ladies' group win a game and there is an out and out festival move that continues for 2 minutes, which adds actually nothing to the story. Also, you see Nayanthara as the physiotherapist, yet she is barely observed carrying out her responsibility. Her sentimental segments with Vijay are not excessively amusing to watch on-screen. Be that as it may, Atlee gets a ton of things directly also. Bigil is a joy for Vijay's fans and Atlee's trademark style of extolling his 'annan' is noticeable all through. The movie producer adds a great deal of references to Vijay's prior movies and his very own past adventures, which are pleasant to spot. Going to the ladies strengthening point, Vijay leads the pack and he directs what the ladies ought to do on the field. Despite the fact that the football players are appeared to play the game, they generally need their mentor close by, generally poop hits the fan. 

In a specific scene, Vijay's character Michael is managing a corrosive assault unfortunate casualty (Reba Monica John). In spite of the fact that he encourages her to confront her greatest dread, he doesn't check whether she's prepared to handle it. Yet, the way Reba pulls off the scene will gain applauds the message and her presentation. 


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