Kylie Jenner Claps Back After She’sAccused Of Purposely

Kylie Jenner took some unfair heat on Twitter, after she was accused of not tagging a Black-owned brand’s dress in Instagram photos. The cosmetics mogul called it a ‘reach,’ as the brand praised her for wearing their outfit.
Kylie Jenner, wearing an up and coming brand’s clothing helps it get seen by millions of her fans. That’s what she did when she donned London-based Loud Brand Studios’ Drop Raw edge VASHTIE dress during her recent vacation at Utah’s luxury desert resort Amangiri. But when the 22-year-old didn’t tag the design house in Instagram photos wearing the frock, Kylie was accused of purposely ignoring the Black-owned brand. The cosmetics clapped back to angry Twitter users that they were completely in the wrong, and gave Loud Brand an extra shout-out.A  self-described “beauty enthusiast” Twitter user named @zoey227 showed off a screen-grab of Loud Brand’s Instagram home page which featured Kylie’s snaps in the dress, along with a side-by-side photo of Kylie wearing the VASHTIE dress in Utah next to one of the model wearing it on the brand’s website. The user wrote, “Kylie Jenner is refusing to tag the designer of the dress she just posted, which is a black owned brand, and now limiting her comments,” adding, “@LoudBrndStudios is the designer!”

Kylie then retweeted the user’s critical post with her own message.“Ok this is just a reach. why would i ever REFUSE to tag a brand and block comments. this is completely false. i think this brand is amazing and i wanted to show support and will continue to do so. everyone go check out @LoudBrndStudios,” the cosmetics mogul told her 34.6 million Twitter followers. 

Loud Brand was elated with the attention they got from Kylie wearing their dress, even without getting tagged. Seven hours before Ky’s tweet about the outfit’s designer, the brand posted, “Hi guys!!!! We are so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love wow!!! We are so grateful for Jill and Kylie because this has really changed things for us so excited to be featured on her platform how amazing!!! Thank you so much Jill and Kylie.” Kylie later retweeted the message to her followers, writing “Love you guys.” The “Jill” that the brand mentioned is Kylie’s stylist Jill Jacobs, who shared the photo of Kylie in the VASHTIE dress with her Instagram followers and tagged the brand, as well as every label or product that Ky had on.

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